1. 1939

    Company foundation by Adolf Locher


    At a young age the company’s founder Adolf Locher already dealt with the production of broaching machines. He was part of the company right from the beginning, when with the help of broaching machines a new manufacturing technology was established. His company (with its head office in the Bleichstrasse in Pforzheim) was founded in 1939.

  2. 1960

    First building in Huchenfeld


    In 1959, the rented premises in Pforzheim became too small. Therefore, Adolf Locher built a new production facility on an acquired industrial area in Huchenfeld (a district of Pforzheim since 1975), which was put into operation in 1960.

  3. 1961

    Contract broaching


  4. 1963



  5. 1965



    Edwin Locher, the son of Adolf Locher, during the production of a profile broaching tool.

  6. 1985

    New building: factory hall 3


    The property in Pforzheim-Huchenfeld provides opportunities for expansion of the continually growing company. In 1968 a second factory hall, in 1973 an office block, and in 1985 a third factory hall were built.

  7. 1989

    Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Edwin Locher and Christa Volz


    In 1982, the company’s founder Adolf Locher passed away. His children Edwin Locher and Christa Volz (née Locher) continue his life’s work as a serious obligation and were able to celebrate the company’s fifty-year anniversary.

  8. 1990

    New building: factory hall 4


    In 1989/1990, the successful construction and completion of factory hall 4 took place.

  9. 2009

    Acquisition of a storage building


    Expansion of factory premises by acquiring an adjacent property with a storage building.

  10. 2013

    Expansion of the machinery


    The machinery expands with an ultra-modern CNC-machine.

  11. 2014

    The company’s 75-year anniversary


  12. 2014

    Family-run business


    With Alexandra Volz as Managing Director, the third generation is setting the course for the future.

  13. 2018

    Founding member of the association HOCHFORM e.V.


    In May 2018, the association HOCHFORM e.V. was founded in Pforzheim. The aim of the company network is in particular to strengthen the position of precision engineering companies and their competencies both in the Pforzheim area and nationwide, to promote technology transfer and innovation, to recruit urgently needed specialists and to support the Center for Precision Technology. https://www.hochform-pforzheim.de