LOCHER Broaching Oil 22 GTL

LOCHER Broaching Oil 22 GTL


LOCHER broaching oil 22 GTL is a powerful and environmentally friendly high-performance cutting oil for machining of alloyed steels, non-ferrous metals; aluminium. The use of the latest GTL (GAS-TO-LIQUIDS) base oil technology results in extraordinary advantages over products based on mineral oil.


  • High flash point
  • Odourless
  • Water clear
  • Non marking
  • Very good air release properties
  • Low evaporation; low oil consumption
  • Skin protection certificate
  • Cytotoxicity certificate (classification: non-cytotoxic)

Technical data:

LOCHER Broaching Oil 22 GTL is characterized by the following properties:

Appearance colourless

Density at 20° C

830 kg/m³

Kin. Viscosity at 40° C

22 mm²/s

Flash point COC

> 200°C
Pour point, °C -30°C

For more information about LOCHER Broaching Oil 22 GTL, please refer to the safety data sheet and product data sheet in the download area. If you are interested, please contact us here.